Galvanized plate refers to the surface of a layer of galvanized steel plate. Zinc plating is a kind of economical and effective antirust method, and about half of the world's zinc production is used in this process.

  According to the production and processing methods can be divided into the following categories:

① Hot Dip Galvanized steel plate. The thin steel plate is immersed in the molten zinc groove and the surface is adhered with a thin layer of zinc. At present, the main use of continuous galvanizing process production, that is, the rolled steel plate continuously immersed in the molten zinc plating bath made of galvanized steel plate;

② alloyed galvanized Steel sheet. This kind of steel plate is also made by hot-dip method, but after the trough, it is immediately heated to about 500 ℃, so that it produces zinc and iron alloy film. This galvanized plate has good coating tightness and weldability;

③ Galvanized Steel plate. It has good processability to make the galvanized steel plate by electroplating. But the coating is thinner, the corrosion resistance is inferior to the hot dipping method galvanized plate;

④ single-sided Plating and double-sided zinc galvanized steel plate. Single-sided Galvanized steel plate, that is only in one side galvanized products. In welding, coating, anti-rust treatment, processing, etc., has a better adaptability than double-sided galvanized plate. In order to overcome the shortcomings of one-sided uncoated zinc, there is another coating on the other side of the thin layer of zinc galvanized plate, that is, double-sided galvanized plate;

⑤ alloy, clad galvanized steel plate. It is made of zinc and other metals such as aluminum, lead, zinc and other alloy and even composite plating. This kind of steel plate has excellent rust-proof performance and good coating performance, in addition to the above five, there are color galvanized steel plate, printing coating galvanized steel plate, polyvinyl chloride laminated galvanized steel plate. But the most commonly used is still hot dip galvanized plate.

  Main production plants and import production countries:

① Domestic main production factory: Wisco, Anshan iron and Steel, Baosteel Huangshi, metallurgical Hengtong, Shougang, Pangang, Hangang, MA Steel, Fujian Kai King, etc. 

② foreign main production state-owned Japan, Germany, Russia, France, Korea and so on.

image.png       Technology level: The company is the earliest production of aluminum roll roll coating One of the industry, after continuous training, technology in constant innovation.

  Raw materials: The use of quality and stability of the industry brand. Paint has been state, berg-oriented, aluminum substrate using the southwest aluminum, aluminum and so on. 

       Product information: can produce various series thickness 0.2mm-1.5mm width ≤1800m Annual production capacity can reach 100,000 tons.

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Product Application:

image.pngCompany Logistics

  With a dedicated logistics company, a total of 30 than, sent to the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, counties. To achieve timely without delay, the whole heart service million families, prudential to abide by the run (Yun) through life.

  Main use

  Color coated aluminum coil mainly used in: Building materials field aluminum plastic Plate series household Electronics series food packaging series Furniture Life series

  Building Materials Series: Roofing Maintenance system curtain wall system ceiling system, etc.

  Home Electronics Series: Lighting series Lampshade Series

  Food Packaging series: aluminum cans aluminum Cover

  Home Life series: Fender Curtain Cover

  Used in airport terminals, aircraft maintenance depot, station and large transport hubs, Convention and Exhibition Center, sports venues, exhibition halls, large public entertainment facilities, public service buildings, large shopping malls, commercial facilities, residential buildings and other building roofing and wall systems.


The plate type generally has: upright seam system 65-400 65-420 65-430

Edge occlusion System 25-230 25-330 25-430 25-530

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