Cold rolling is a rolling in the recrystallization temperature, but it is generally understood to be rolled with normal temperature rolling materials.

Production process

In the production process because of not heating, so there is no hot-rolled and iron oxide skin and other defects, good surface quality, high finish. and cold-rolled products, the size of high precision, product performance and organization can meet some special requirements, such as electromagnetic performance, deep punching performance.

Specification: Thickness is 0.2-4mm, width is 600-2 000mm, steel plate length is 1 200-6 000mm.

brand:Q195A-Q235A、Q195AF-Q235AF、Q295A(B)-Q345 A(B);SPCC、SPCD、SPCE、ST12-15;DC01-06

Performance: The main use of Low-carbon steel grades, requires a good cold bending and welding performance, as well as a certain stamping performance.

Application fields

Cold-rolled strip is widely used, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, locomotive vehicles, aviation, precision instruments, canned food and so on.

Cold rolled thin steel plate is common carbon structural steel cold-rolled plate abbreviation, also known as cold-rolled Plate, commonly known as cold plate, sometimes be mistaken for cold tie plate. Cold plate is made from ordinary carbon structural steel hot-rolled steel strip, after further cold-rolled made of thickness less than 4mm steel plate. Because of the rolling in the room temperature, do not produce oxide, so, cold plate surface quality, high dimensional precision, coupled with annealing, its mechanical properties and process performance are better than hot-rolled thin steel plate, in many fields, especially in the field of home appliances manufacturing, has gradually replaced the hot rolled sheet.

Applicable brands: Q195, Q215, Q235, Q275;SPCC (Japanese brand); ST12 (German brand)

Standard specification for steel grades for common structures in Japan (JIS standards)

1. Japanese steel grades of ordinary structural steel mainly composed of three parts: The first part represents the material, such as: S (Steel) of the Steel, F (Ferrum) for iron, and the second part of the different shapes, types, uses, such as P (Plate) expression Board, T (YouTube) to represent the tube, K (Kogu) represents a tool; The third part represents the characteristic number, generally the lowest tensile strength. such as: ss400--the first S is the Steel (Steel), the second s means "structure" (Structure), 400 is the lower tensile strength 400MPa, the overall expression tensile strength is 400MPa common structural steel.

2.sphc--first S is the abbreviation of steel Steel, p is the abbreviation of plate plate, H is the abbreviation of Hot Heat, C is the abbreviation of commercial commercial, the overall expression is hot rolled steel plate and strip.

3.sphd--indicates hot rolled steel plate and steel strip for stamping.

4.sphe--means hot rolled steel plate and strip for deep drawing.

5.spcc--said that the general use of cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, the equivalent of China's q195~q215a brand, the German brand ST12. The third letter C is the abbreviation of cold. To ensure mechanical performance, at the end of the grade plus T as Spcct.

6.spcd--represents the cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip for stamping, equivalent to China's 08AL (13237) high quality carbon structural steel, equivalent to the German brand ST13.

7.spce--Express Cold rolled carbon steel sheet and strip, equivalent to China 08AL (5213) deep punching steel, equivalent to the German brand ST14. Aging treatment, at the end of the grade plus n, such as Spcen.

Cold-rolled carbon steel sheet and strip Regulation code: annealing State is A, standard S,1/8 hard for the 8,1/4 hard for the 4,1/2 hard for 2, hard for 1.

Surface processing code: Matte Finishing for D, Bright finish to B. For example, the SPCC-SD represents standard quality, matte finish rolling of the general use of cold-rolled carbon sheet. Again, such as SPCCT-SB standard of quality control, bright processing, required to ensure mechanical properties of cold-rolled carbon sheet.


1. Q-Ordinary carbon structural steel yield point (limit) code, it is the case of the first Chinese phonetic of "qu"; 195, 215, 235, 255, 275-represents the value of their yield point (limit), in units: MPa (n/mm2); Due to the strength, plasticity, and Q235 of steel. The comprehensive mechanical properties such as toughness and weldability are the best in ordinary carbon structural steels, which can meet the general requirements of use, so the application range is very wide.

2. S-Steel (Steel), P-plate (Plate), C-cold-rolled (cold), fourth-place C-commerce Class (commercial).

3. st-Steel (Steel), 12-general-grade cold-rolled thin steel plate.

Tags: dimensional accuracy-size-steel plate variety standard

Cold Rolled Steel PLATE: Steel number-Technical condition standard

Tags example: b-0.57501500-gb708-88; steel plate, standard number q/bqb402, grade SPCC, heat treatment condition annealing flat (S), table central processing state is pock D, surface quality is FB class edge (trimming EC, not trimming EM) steel plate, Thickness 0.5mm,b level precision, width 1000mm,a grade precision, length 2000mm,a grade precision, roughness precision is PF.A, then mark is: Steel plate ECQ/BQB 402-spcc-sd-fb/(0.51000A2000A-PF.A);

COLD-ROLLED Steel PLATE: q225-gb912-89

The main producing areas are: Baosteel, Angang, Benxi Steel, Wisco, Hangang, Baogang, Tangshan, Lianyuan Steel, Jigang, etc.

Cold rolled ordinary thin steel plate: made of plain carbon structural steel or low alloy structural steel. The surface quality of cold-rolled plate is good. Good stamping performance. For its requirements to ensure that cold bending and cup test qualified, often used in automobiles and other industries and coating plate raw materials.

Cold-rolled High quality thin plate: mainly includes a variety of high-quality steel cold-rolled sheet, the most commonly used is carbon structural steel plate, especially deep stamping cold rolled thin steel sheet, is made of low carbon steel 08Al cold-rolled sheet, the plate surface quality is divided into three groups; Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, respectively, represents a special high, high, high finishing surface, Divided into ZF, HF, F level (representing the most complex, complex, complex parts), according to the allowable deviation of steel plate thickness, divided into a, b two precision, widely used in the automotive tractor industry.

COLD-ROLLED steel plate, smooth surface, good processing, used in automobiles, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, as well as industrial equipment, all kinds of building materials. Along with the economic development, cold-rolled steel plate has been called the modern society must material. Cold Rolling Products Classification: Hot-rolled pickling, rolling hard roll, ordinary cold rolling, galvanized (galvanized, fingerprint-resistant, hot-dip galvanized), aluminized zinc, electroplating tin, color coating, electrical steel (steel) and so on.

1. Hot-rolled pickling:

2. Rolling hard roll: At room temperature, hot-rolled pickling roll continuous rolling.

Product Features: Because there is no annealing process, its hardness is very high (HRB more than 90), machining performance is very poor, can only be a simple directional less than 90 degrees of bending processing (perpendicular to the direction of coiling).


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